Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yeah, lol I came a bit late :P I was pretty busy yesterday. Well anyways, up to date, if you haven't realized yet, I put up a poll on my blog. I am checking to see like, if there is anyway to change on how my blog looks because I always want the reader to be comfortable with the blog. So.....yeah, just look at the right, it's at the top of the side bar right now so...yeah ---------------------->

Also, more news on Wizard101, KingsIsle is having "It's-Biggest-Fan" competition! When you log onto Wizard101 and it's loading the game for you, there is the little thing with updates which you read and it's the newest one right now.

Biggest Wizard101 Fan Contest!
Are you the biggest Wizard101 fan!?! Enter Beckett's contest and prove it! Click here to learn how to enter.

Yeah lol Well, here are things that you can bring to show how you are the biggest fan:

1. We want to see your:Wizard101-inspired costumes
2. Original Drawings and paintings
3. Wizard101 inspired musical performances
4. Creative works of art and performances inspired by the Spiral

I can SOOOOOO imagine Friendly in an outfit of himself or Malistaire and dancing around lol He might be singing his "Day Without 101" song as well lol
You can either put it as a video on Youtube OR go to Pax and see if you can do it in person OR go to http://www.massiveonlinegamer.com/w101fan to submit your digital photograph or original work of art and up to 250 word description that explains why you are the Biggest Wizard101 fan. xD I just copy and pasted that from the website
So, anyone can be the biggest fan of Wizard101! Btw, the videos will have to be shared on to Wizard101's You tube page or something. To go to the You Tube Page, click here. They also have to be one minute long, so don't make it to much.
I know that I am going to upload a video BUT I WILL NOT TELL YOU WHAT IT IS O_O lol :P I will upload the video once I'm finished though xD
So the prizes for it are these:

1. A custom poster featuring concept art based on your character in the game signed by the Wizard101 team!
2. A full-access Wizard101 membership that will last for the entire life of the game.

So.........THAT'S A GOOD THING!!!! No paying for Wizard101 and getting membership for free as long as it lives, wow, and then a poster, that is AWESOME!

So, I wish good luck at everyone that tries and that the biggest fan wins!

-Shady :)

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