Friday, February 11, 2011

Glitches and Banning

HELLO ALL WIZARDS AND OTHERS! Welcome to another post of THE SAVIORS OF THE SPIRAL! lol Yeah, Amber and I did a podcast yesterday so I am still feeling like WELCOME TO THE SAVIORS OF THE SPIRAL, I AM MARY DREAMSHADE like lol
Well anyways, Kon'nichiwa!
Today, I am gonna talk about the thing with stacking plants and banning. There have been rumors of getting banned for stacking up all of your plants to harvest faster. To harvest faster, I see nothing wrong but some people are cheating out a BUNCH of Mega Snacks. I read on Luke's blog that a person cheated out 500 Mega Snacks, about $3,500! That's A LOT of money! So, unless you did it and got A BUNCH of Mega Snacks, you wont get banned. I know one of my friends stacked up a few but they were like, Dandelions and didn't get anything THAT good so she isn't in trouble with KI.
Mega Snacks are actually a lot of money and they are expensive so cheating out a bunch from KI is A LOT. I have only gotten one Mega Card from harvesting so of course, I am not in trouble. So, yeah, people got banned from cheating off of KI thousands of dollars. That is why people have gotten banned.
Also, many people have already started thinking that it has been to long without a new world or anything to do because MANY people have finished Celestia already, so KI has to think up something fast before another disaster of waiting a few years again.
That's all of the news that I have for today so......yeah lol See you around the spiral! Btw, I ahev school off today, that's why I am writing at this time :P

-Shady :)

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  1. You weren't banned for just stacking plants. If you did some infinite-harvesting trick that was uncovered from stacking plants, then you were banned, so many stackers are away free :). People whining about a new world already? *sigh* the CL Houses & Gardening update and all is enough for me. Take your time, KI, take your time


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