Saturday, February 12, 2011

Blogging tips

Kon'nichiwa, wizards!
Today I bring you something important. This is to all those bloggers-but really, pretty much everyone.
I think people really need to know tips on blogging. So here I go, making my infamous lists:

  • Punctuation!
    Punctuation is important because it makes you look more grown up, prolonging your disguise as the innocent person. It makes you sound un-noobish, and people can read your sayings easier.
  • Don't clash colours
    For your template, don't use clashing colours. Brights such as "paint" red and yellow are distracting and hurt peoples eyes. Instead of reading your blog, then want to shut their whole computer down!
  • Not too stiff
    I have seena  lot of blogs out there that are really stiff. The deal is guys, no one wants to read what some random person who sounds like a robot on here. Instead they want to know that there is someone on the other end of this line, and you need to put character into your posts. Even if it means by screwing up sayings, doing random things such as Friendly's Sport Bra Issue.
I hope this helps people. The main thing is just to be yourself, and post whenever you feel it's right,  even if it's something random.

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  1. Good advice for all of us! And as for sounding stiff...guilty as charged |:


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