Saturday, February 5, 2011


Kon'nichiwa, Wizads!

Aah, that time has come again where yet again I have become bored with one of my characters.
And so, I'm going to do the thing they're always telling us to do at school.
Out with the old, in with the new.
Everyone, say bye to Cassandra Dreampetal.

And say hello to my new character:
I wanted something new and spicy, so yeah!
Cori Seasong would be an opposite of me.. but I like it. The sea is calming like a song to me. Cori was an old friend.
And also, I will NOT powerelevel this girl.
I have to say, I missed this right here:
No pet energy! Original! Hallelujah!!


Ok, Twinking or Tweaking or whichever is not powerleveling.. right?
I believe the names on Cyclops are still bugged..

Soon enough, I was fighting Rattlebones!
And soon enough I had to log off.
Jikai made sayōnara,

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