Saturday, November 20, 2010


Well, the title explains all.
Seriously did you guys think I was quitting the blog? Heck no!
Um, part two of HUH.
I'm at my grandmas house. Sleeping over. Cause It's really uncomfortable being in a house full of boys and being the only girl...
So, what comp am I one? A second version of Windows XP. I have no mic. I have two speakers. I have a dinosaur for a keyboard. I have Skype. Wizards is in progress.
You think this is a dinosaur? Try ME.
So, um, yeah. That's all for now. My DSi won't connect so not much tonight. No Twitter. Skype though! And my gramma will let me stay up a long time. So booya.
Gah. Stupid computer.
Okay so right now I am naturally hyper.
Eh, gotta go.

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