Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hosted by Us..

My friends and  are huge piggle fanatics. Donna Spell-thorn  currently have 111. We have come to the realization that, with all the new pets, piggles are being forgotten. We can't let this happen. So we're holding an event to restore piggle awareness. We need anyone who can to be there and support it. We think you might be interested considering it's wacky and out of the ordinary. It would also really help us out if a W101 celebrity, like you, could come.

We're gonna have it on Saturday, November 28th at about 4:00 EST and the port bus will be a girl named Donna Rose in the Pet Shoppe Boys' shop in Satyr Realm Area 1. It's gonna be in Donna Spell-Thorn's  MFP and all the VIPS (piggle lovers, sponsers, ect.) are gonna be up in the wings of that big hall. We're gonna block off the wings to prevent mobs. We have  noticed the big W101 names almost always get mobbed..
Thanks, hope you can come! :)
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