Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sorry. And I must Keep. Holding. On.

Yea. Time to see something you've never seen before, Something I won't regret.
I'm really sorry about last night. And if you guys still haven't figured it out, here's the whole entire truth of the story. All up to writing this post.

Someone mentioned the Massive Fantasy Palace and how it was unfair only certain people got it. So naturally, I was angry. 
I almost quit the game that night. And this was the message I sent to KI.
You have reached Ranting Amber.
Look KI. Why the heck did you give some bloggers the Massive Fantasy Palace and the rest of us... nothing?
The deal is, I pay for this game on my own. My own money I earn from my father. I spend around 130$ a year on this game, and to see something like this-40$ Gift cards being sent out to "Special famous" people. And do you know what?
We other bloggers-The Two Headed Wizard, The Pie Loving Necromancer, ComedyTheurgists, The Wizard1401 Addict, Awesome Diviner-all of us! We're mad that some people get them for absoloute FREE and others like I who work so hard to buy only 10$-it's just unfair!
When you come from a poor family like me, 40 bucks is a lot. And I mean a lot.
Look. I really think it's unfair you gave them it that way. Honestly. How did you pick that out? And don't give me the automated response crap I usually get.
If I get a automated thing, just saying some crap, then I swear. I am quitting this game for a good long time, Celestia or not.
-poseygirlolive, Amber Rosepetal. 
Btw, I'm not quitting. Cause I didn't get automated response crap. :D
Hi there,

I have sent this directly to Professor Greyrose. You can also reach her directly at

KingsIsle Support
Well, at least that's the best answer I've gotten thats automated from a dude yet.
Well anyway, my title.
I must keep holding onto this place. You know why?
Because between blogging, Wizard101, and everything else, I've had something happen to me.
You guys broke me out of the bitter mask I was. The mask that had me feeling like I was a lowlifer.
That's still there. Behind the happy mask I still have that. But it's healed. Not perfect, but to  the point where I can almost forget it.
My limits:
Crying: When someone befriends me, when I'm seriously mad and I don't even notice I'm crying. (Like last night).
Breakdown: When all my walls just go booom and yea.
When my walls break, I feel weak and vulernable.
But with you guys, it heals me. It keeps me going.
Wooooww this is so emo and long. xD
So, back to the story.
After most conplaining, and a bit of loudmouth yelling, I decided to quit.
Major mistake Ambie.
I slept a lot last night.
No really...
This morning, I decided that I'm not leaving.
Because without you guys, I'd still be that way.
I freaking love you guys.
Marshmellows, anyone?


  1. I would like some marshmallows please! I was sad/angry that I did not get the house but then I realized (after some research)that only official fansites and blogs got it. I think Kingsisle should give it to all bloggers though.

  2. Wow, that was a great post! I am glad that you came back! You are one of the best Wizard101 bloggers I've seen, and was sad to see you go. The last part of your post was perfectly worded. :)


    ~The LotusPetal *grabs marshmallow*

  4. Good to see you decided to stay.

  5. Wow... That's really unfair. But I'm really glad you decided to stay. =3

    (Marshmallows! *nomnomnom* )


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