Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Halloween Month!

Heya guys. I've been really horrible to you guys, I know. And I feel horrid about it.
And before I forget, the song of the day is Hey There Delilah.
Don't read the comments, whatever you do.
So, what has been up in the spiral? And Jessica Fairyheart, This is not a Celestia post. Yea. Jessica doesn't have membership and she's not high enough level, so you guys left her behind huh?
Just kidding.
Still though. Celestia is in the Test Realm. Big woot.
Celesita is boring. There. I said it.
Sure, the scenery is freaking awesome.
My deal is that people are just abandoning others. Old things for new things. New is better right? Nope. Nada. Because we gotta hold onto what we have right now, take any chances without hesitation. I know this sounds really wise and crap for my age, but I've come to realize that. You gotta hold on to those happy memories NOW, because some day like today you're going to really miss them. I know it sounds like I'm saying to stay in the dark but I'm not. Okay?
On a happier note, Cassandra Lifecaster is back! Yay! I mean seriously...

Okie so yea, If you have anything else to say Amber then you'd better sayit now.
Bleh. I do.

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