Thursday, July 8, 2010

Stuffs. OH WAIT---*Tackles Aaron while he trys to escape from a mad orthus* AARON IT'S HERE LIKE I PROMISED!

Okay, this was originally too many posts. But I'm putting them all together. Expect confusedness.

Aaron, here's your petnome.


(I'm the one at the top with a elegant outfit (with floppy hat) on that's dark blue and red. Aaron is the one to the side---wait a sec. Why don't I just make a pointer picture! Darn paint isn't cooperating.)
OK, Aaron, you see me? And you? And Blaze Silverfist? And Battleblood? And Lifecaster? Well if you don't ask me to point us all out on the photo later.

Why I'm against the word "Noob"
Okay, look.
I'm not trying to cry to y'all, but I'm just saying why I'm against the word "Noob".
Look at this chat log while I was playing on Amber Jr.:

So...they ignore me. And keep calling me a noob in whisper chat.
That's almost like racism. =.=
That's right, everyone! Be sure to come on down to our very own chatroom ( to witness an amazing episode of WandCast!

We're having a special guest star segment, a bunch of stuff about Celestia, pet updates, pet TRIVIA, and we're announcing the winner of the Swiftshadow Wings contest (CLOSED.)
We are all so excited for tonight! Here's the times in different zones:
8:30 pm Eastern
7:30 pm Central
6:30 pm Mountain
5:30 pm Pacific
1:30 am (woah) Western European Time (England) (WE LOVE YOU, CASSANDRA!)
See you all tonight for a GREAT show! We hope to maybe have more than 20 people in the chatroom this time!

Amber JR.
Is now level 25! And almost in Katz Lab (Needs voulenteers.)
Profile, Post, URL, and Army.
I've updated my profile.
The posts are to be now done after this as all of the rosepetals.
The url will be changed in FIVE HOURS TO: (Don't click that yet.)
And lastly..
There's a new tab called Rosepetal's fighting army to be called soon.
thats it!

Keep on Casting,
The WandCast Crew

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