Thursday, June 24, 2010

Join the Anti-Noob-Calling Rampage!


Okay, so today I was looking through Central and I saw this thread. Click on it. Return to the post after you've gone through it a little bit.
(People look through thread)
Now, click here and here and look through these threads.
(Wizards look through again)
Guys, calling others noobs HAS TO BE STOPPED. I'm not just saying this because I'm the lowest leveled blogger on the sphere. It's rude. It's hurtful. It's cyberbullying. I've called people noobs lots of times before, but before then I didn't realize just how hurtful it is.
Just because you're grand or have a sword or have completed Dragonspyre, it gives you no right whatsoever to pick on lower levels. They'll become grandmasters, I guarantee it!
So, I'm following Moonthorn's example and I'm gathering people for the cause to stop calling others noobs and stopping the cyberbullying. They don't deserve it! How do you think they feel? People, and I know, I did too- mindlessly call others noobs. But have you ever paused to think how it affects THEM? When one of the users absentmindedly called me a noob, I was strongly offended. I was challenging him and all that. Guys, this HAS TO BE PUT TO A STOP, and it HAS TO BE STOPPED NOW! I mean, how would YOU feel if you were called a noob? And honestly, the people who call others noobs are just trying to make themselves feel better.
WHO'S WITH ME?!?! Who'll stand with me to put an end to the name of noob? Spread the word to end offended feelings of the word noob!
It's not even a WORD!
I'm in, faithfully! -Pledges-


  1. What the heck I in -pledge- now what. What? Just because I pledged nothing happened? We need to like get a report button just for noob calling. And I don't really feel like saying stuff anymore or something. Bad things happening in real life so by pplz from Nathaniel

  2. Ok I forgot to say just because they don't have text chat don't make fun of them plz and if other message or this one spans my computer is glitchy

  3. I've always been in it and I've always tried to stop but I never thought of putting it on a blog lol. Anyways I'm in.

    Rachel AKA Rachel LifeDreamer/Rachel Breaker


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