Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I just got this off Cassandra Griffindreamer's blog:

Blaze's account has been band by Kingsisle.
He has sent an apology note to them and I hope it works.
Kingsisle, forgive Blaze!
He didn't mean to do what he has done!
Please bring back his account!
Readers, let me know you're against this ban!


Um, I'm against that ban. NO CHIZ I AM! 

Here's the scores:
Kingsile: 2
Us: (Well, me is actually 3) 0

*Billions of cuss words*
Runs out of breathe*
*More cuss words*
Um, Amber..?
Not NOW!
No! Dangit can't you leave me alone for once!
Uh, looks like I'm ending this post...'

Happy Saving?

Not happy saving....
Fine. Bye.

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