Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A post dedicated to David Dragontamer

He was the awesome person no one met. Until last night.
We only see one part of him.
And I blame myself for this.
Because if I hadn't ranted
he'd still be here.
David Dragontamer quit for several reasons. I won't shame the person who mostly made him go. But i'll say this: the person called himself "Awesome".  *Glances at storm buliding*

*Listens to Victoria Frostbreeze's report*
Oh my effing god.*
Chris got to him.
Um, I've got some other posting to do.
-The freakin confused Amber Rosepetal
Note: May the both live In Resting Peace.


  1. He told me he's quitting but he never really said why. He just said he was switching to WoW. Anyways, I don't think you really had to give THAT much of a hint to who it was...

  2. Yeah, I'm angry at him though. Anyway I'm angry at both of them. Exploding point. It doesnt help last night involved a lot of ................well, fighting.

  3. David DragonTamerMay 13, 2010 at 4:47 PM

    :( Well I also quit because of my dog, my parents, and a lot of other reasons. Hope your not angry :(
    ~The Ultra Bummed Out-David DragonTamer


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