Sunday, May 23, 2010

OH BEAT THAT! Yes, I've been lazy.

Even Ronan said it.
Here's our conversation from this morning:

[12:21:51 PM] Amber RosePetal: hey

[12:22:14 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: mooo!

[12:22:33 PM] Amber RosePetal: i gotta check my facebook lol

[12:22:44 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: lol me too

[12:23:04 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: playing AQ again XD ITS SO ADDICTING!

[12:23:56 PM] Amber RosePetal: holy crap

[12:24:02 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: what?

[12:24:11 PM] Amber RosePetal: i didnt know that my friend alexandria from school told everyone i was on facebook lol

[12:24:19 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: LOL!

[12:24:20 PM] Amber RosePetal: i have gary kailey............

[12:24:21 PM] Amber RosePetal: lol

[12:24:28 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: blah blah blah XD

[12:24:42 PM] Amber RosePetal: dont get the song in my head xD

[12:24:59 PM] Amber RosePetal: woot 100 hits

[12:25:15 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: PARTY IN THE YOU AS AYYYYY

[12:26:08 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: I found a super awesome video and website!

[12:26:09 PM] Amber RosePetal: oh god

[12:26:26 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: Video:

[12:26:46 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: super duper amazing video that is

[12:27:10 PM] Amber RosePetal: who did the interveiw with cody?

[12:27:20 PM] Amber RosePetal: wait rotfl

[12:27:22 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: which one?

[12:27:24 PM] Amber RosePetal: it was cody himself

[12:27:32 PM] Amber RosePetal:

[12:27:34 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: On KOD?

[12:27:41 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: I interview myself ;D

[12:28:00 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: Here is a super awesome website:

[12:28:42 PM] Amber RosePetal: lol

[12:28:51 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: check out that video

[12:29:13 PM] Amber RosePetal: cant gotta post on blog i've been lazy lol

[12:29:28 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: so have I :D Lazy rulez

[12:29:29 PM] Amber RosePetal: wait

[12:29:36 PM] Amber RosePetal: ill do that when amy gets rebirth

[12:29:41 PM] Amber RosePetal: which will be so soon

[12:30:01 PM] Amber RosePetal: SHE DINGED 48 LAST NIGHT!

[12:30:04 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: gonna play aq, so, afk from skype for a bit

[12:30:07 PM] Amber RosePetal: kk

[12:30:23 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: errm, it says Amy is like, so close to level 48!

[12:30:44 PM] Amber RosePetal: oh yeah....i gots to change that

[12:31:00 PM] Ronan Ravenshard: Logging off skype see ya Lil Miss Lazy

[12:31:08 PM] Amber RosePetal: lol

[12:31:11 PM] Amber RosePetal: cya

[12:31:41 PM] Amber RosePetal: mwahahaha look at it now
It's true!
You'll get it when we finish the Labyrinth and get that stupid guys shard.
Um, Amy just basically hit me on the head with a baseball bat.
More news:
I got Hypercam! I tried to download a vid to this but it took hours so it never got posted yesterday.....
It turns out that i'm not the only lazy one in the  family right now who's being lazy. My mom keeps putting off reformatting this computer because she knows about all the files on this thing.
I updated my fanfiction so that it has Jingle Bells: The worldwide Kid Version. Here's the think:
Esmee is level 26! And in Knight's Court to boot. Looks like another Katz Lab run is coming up Jessica...
I'm working as I write. Last time I write was at 1:05PM Eastern. Now, it's 1:45PMEastern. AND GUESS WHAT??

I'm happy. :)
Thanks all.

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