Sunday, May 16, 2010

A few notes, sad and glad.

I won't say drumroll. :D
Wait, nose.

Okay, Happy:
Kevin Owlgem is NOT banned!
Esmee is now level 20!

Sad notes are that my Subsription is out, so i'm stuck at the Emperors Retreat and Amy just happens to have all her side quests in Marleybone and Mooshu. (Bummer.)

Um, my dad jsut said "Way to go Tampa Bay!" So I gotta check the scores....
Yay! Rays won!

Um, I just happened to make this on Microsoft Paint in an half an hour.

I call it: Always hope-A moonlit flower- A firey soul
So, um, I don't know what else to post. Other than I can't get on the test realm.
Song of the day: Full Moon. Listen to it. "Nuff said.

-Toujours garder espoir, Wizards. Espérons toujours.

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