Sunday, May 9, 2010

Boom! Amy finishes the game!

Amy finishes the game! Defeats Malistare! Or as Samantha Drake says, Gaymo. (Lolz!)

I have a feeling I wouldn't be finished without thanking tons of people....:
  • Andrea Darkhunter, who was there in the beginning
  • Cori Stone, who stood till' she couldn't
  • Sarah Jade who was always there
  • Wolf Ironforge, who could always help even when I was in the blues
  • Victoria Frostbreeze
  • Samantha and Samuel Watercaster
  • Donna Spellthorn
  • Amanda Lifestone
  • Sierra
  • Alia Lotuspetal
  • Aaron Mythblood
  • Kevin Owlgem
  • Emily Rainbowheart
  • Haley Bluetheif
  • Joshua Mythstone
  • Nicholas Lionrider
  • Mathew Lightbreaker
  • Alia Owlbrand
  • Rachel Lifedreamer
  • Patrick Star
  • Dylan Fireflame
  • Nicholas Nightbrand
  • Arlen Starhammer
  • Trevor Shadowwalker
  • Cody Deathflame
  • And so many more!
Thanks, guys. A ton.  I owe Andrea, Cori, and Sarah so much as well as you all. 
Song of the day: Dude (Looks like a lady). I'ts really funny, and it brings out old memories. From like when I was four. So yeah, It makes me happy. So much has happened today, and all this week. Hardships have come, and past with happieness following. Things like Samuel Watercaster being banned to finding out Serena's  mother threatened to move after her boyfriend and her fought all turned out nice.  I took tons of pictures of all I could, I got the most out of my week. And guess what?
In exactly a week from today, It'll be the day I came out of depression and started this game. Three years ago, I found joy in a few weak cards. And here I am, still finding joy in them, and many others. I have more awesome friends than I ever dreamed of as a lower level. I've gone through my hardships, paid the prices, and went on. I've learned that everything has a loophole, and that you should never underestimate anything.  And the best part, is that I can see all the changes everything goes through. I can see what changes, and what stays the same. I can live through it.
I can live.
And thats all I need.
-Amber Rosepetal, the awesome savior
EDIT: I'm going to take a break now. Not quit, just live life.


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