Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I think that I need a lisense for something...

Not saying what. Let's just say I need a lisense to kill ________.

Anyway, I'm really happy baseball has started. And guess what? I'm going to a Rays game soon....with a concert preformance of  ZZTOP. Erm, off topic, but why does the kitchen smell like bacon?

Amy has been working on the Oakheart quest line...sucessfully. Oh..guess well....Donna got open chat. She should be the one writing it. Anyways, I finished a chapted of the adventures of amber! READ ON!

Part Six

It wasn’t me.
It was the dark lord. He was Thunder-allied.
I, Amber RosePetal, am going to get revenge.
I stared at him. He stared back. I felt like my insides had turned into jelly.
Half a year later, we were married.
Then we began our quest of revenge. I packed up our armor, all seventy-two pieces of it, into a small leather backpack. He gathered the food, water, and wings. I took out my old dusty Horned Sweeper. In less than a week, we would be out on the quest of revenge.
The thought haunted me.
“It’ll be okay, Ambie. We’ll get through it.”
“I want to have her back more than I want revenge. I want justice. I know that if I defeat him, all those people will come back. But some things can’t be fixed.” I babbled on. Kevin put one finger to his mouth, silencing me.
Thud. Clunk. Thud. Clunk. Slam.
I looked at him, forgetting about the journey. We both silently drifted over to the closet, hiding. I took out my Dragonspyre armor I was to leave in. We dressed in out armor in silence. Holding my sword ready to strike, I kicked the door out just as out intruder kicked the front door in.
Four Draconian stepped in, all in full-clad armor and equipped with swords and shields.
“Masssster ssessnent ussssss to keel you.” One said. Wow. That was a stupid thing to say. Now I knew what to do, I took out my health and mana globes and threw them onto the floor. With a great deal of concentration, I managed to make them land upright and make the battle circle; It was much harder battling on earth. I set up my defenses and blades at the same time that Kevin did.
Finally, I had enough pips. I glanced at Kevin, who said, “Now!”.
I cast a Dragon that killed both Dragons in one hit. Kevin cast a Frost Giant (HEY SANTA!) that also killed them in one hit. I was hot and cold, a thing that was none too easy to manage for a fire person. Covered from head to toe in soot, ashes, and snow, I walked over to the two dead Draconians.
“He’s really after me.” I said, panting from the effort of battle.
“D’ya think anyone heard that?” Kevin asked. He’d been clawed a few times, by the looks of it. His left arm had a gash that was bleeding and he had several cuts on his legs. Neverless, I healed these.
“You don’t have to heal me.” Kevin said, looking up at me. I didn’t speak; I just went and worked on myself.
“We should probably go back to the Spiral then. I guess it’s our only hope.” I said with obvious dreading in my voice. Getting back to The Spiral wasn’t only hard; It was painful. I hoped any prayed that we would survive our journey.
I just hoped it wouldn’t be so hard!

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