Monday, April 12, 2010

Baseball, hill rolling, and new Itunes songs!

Woot! You heard me.
Hill Rolling:
Okay, there is this giant hill at our school right behind the baseball fence. We all like to roll down it and we feel like we're falling off the face of the earth. 'Nuff said? Or do I have to give details?

At school today, my friend came in with an aluninum baseball bat and a baseball. The baseball stuff is crappy sat our schools, so we all jumped in. Even the girls were at the sidelines. So yeah...I hit a homerun and stroke out once. My other friends got like 11 home runs. So...we won.. 12-2. Awesome game. Then, we came in to work on our speeches. About 5 minuites into that, I had to go to the dentist. Yay! Out of school early. But turns out the appointment is in a few

Mary's Song (Oh My My My) by Taylor Swift
What Hurts The Most by Casacda
Hot N Cold by Katie Perry
Fifteen by Taylor Swifr
Full Moon by The Black Ghosts
Our Song by Taylor Swift

Okay...random stuff today. Does anyone know the game Insaniquarium? Well, I've been playing it and I decided to chare a few pics of my tank with you guys:

Okay, that insanely awesome adventure mode.

This is my current virtual tank. Obviously, I didn't know what to name them. So....I picked names of people who I'd seen lately.
I grew! Yay! I'm a rainbowfish,  Samuel W. is a shark, Lilla is a um....colored guppy? Alia is a cute starcatcher, Kestrel is another Colored Guppy, Donna is a pink and white guppy, Kevin and David are sharks, Angela is a rainbowshark, and Samantha W. is a guppy. They're all very hungry...darn. I've been feeding them for TWO HOURS AND THEY'RE STILL HUNGRY?
Back to endless feeding and fish-caring.


  1. OMG I loooove insanaquarium! I had the free demo thing on my computer, I got addicted, and then the demo ran out of time. I was so sad!

  2. If you're into Cascada, check out Basshunter and two of his biggest hits: Boten Anna, and DotA.

    The language is in Swedish, but you can find some translated lyrics on Youtube!

  3. xD I'm an octopus. Also, I'm a huge Insaquarium fan too... :)

    ~The LotusPetal


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