Saturday, April 17, 2010

Gormans Coustume Party

I got THIS off Ronan's blog.
Gorman Ravenrider is having a costume party! Here is the info:

Time: 4-6 pm central time

Place: Mooshu commons, next to Moodha

Realm and area: Satyr , area one, if full, area 2

Judges: The Friendly Necromancer, Mrs. Friendly Necromancer, Gorman Ravenrider, Ronan Ravenshard (AKA ME!)

We shall also have a PET contest! No crown bought pets, no gift card pets, only dropped pets or pets brought with gold.

There shall only be 3 winners for each contest.

If you win one contest, you cant enter the other.

Hope to see you there!
That's that. Anyway, is it rant day? No. It's annoy Samuel Saturday. Nah, just kidding. Don't annoy him. Or do. Just don't blame me.  I am happy that Friendly finally got what I mean by W101 loosing it's charm. I've been saying this for MONTHS.  Anyway, be at the party and make Gorman happy!

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