Sunday, April 18, 2010

100th post!

Woot! 100th post! Wait, that was fast.

Anyone knows what this means..!
Amy got her Dragon Rider Staff! So...Secure house. I sent a line on Twitter asking for help. ANYONE HELP ME. Realm Vampire Area One you can meet Amy.

Did Helgrind Warren. It was AWESOME. With the AWESOME diviner.
So, Um, yeah. Help.
Amy is so close to level 47! Only like 2 bars left. Then it's the race to the 48 quest....

Happy, Happy, Questing!
No wait.
Hehe! I forgot to post this....
I made this when I didn't have chat.

Wait a sec, I am in secure house. Never mind.

Happy Egg Hatching!
Note:  Jacob Black is better than pie.

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