Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Is that even a word?
Okay....my grammar has been sucky for the past few days for a lot of reasons:
1. I hate my keyboard. It is being stupid. Sevral keys are stuck down with sticky tack for them to stay in place.
2. I have been very angry with whats going on in real life right now. School, as usual. Stupid image....

Okay, I am not explaining the school thing because it's STUPID. It's fourth grader stuff. Basically I finally started to blend into the backround and then someone paints me  a bright red...yeah not fun.

Okay, I am confused.
Someone has a Burnout before i started bloggin, but what's this? http://autumnaldusk.blogspot.com/
Um, someone posted again.
Um. Weird.
And on a sadder note:
Kestrel and Sierra are both taking breaks. Gah!
And Natalie Moonblade is quitting her blog. Not W101, just her blog. Apparently, her mother wants her to quit everything...well....you go read the blog for yourself.
Secondly: I saw a W101 commercail today. And it had.....A GRIZZLEHEIM HOUSE. It looked good...next time I see it I will get my camera out. 
Ah....I really need to work on pvp. I am still a private...in the 200's. Time to go back to the old batlting with Victoria FrostBreeze.

Happy Pvping!
Note: Being a warlord is better than being a stupid, 200 point private.

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  1. Yea, try to copy and paste your words for your post into word (spell check) then post them back... or, just use firefox...


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