Monday, April 19, 2010

Cody is BACK.
Go to that link. Now. Or else get a taste of my awesome toaster: Fluffy the Fire Dragon, is the awesomest thing in the world.
Anyway, Cody Shadowstrider from The Duo Of Death decided to come back to the blogosphere. For some reason, that makes me thing of this giant black ball with water shooting out of the sides so it's floating with all the constellations on it....Serena, and my friend Hannah started to get that thing rolling at about 6
I guess today is....Mimic Miranda Monday. Tomorrow is Talk Taylor Tuesday. It's where you talk her ear out....☺

Anyway, for the teenagers....I have a twilight link for you guys. There's a LOT of funny diolouge between the girls and boys....but if you are a kid don't click the link. It was minor lemon slivers...*Shudder*
Click here for the story.

Been farming Yeva. She still won't cough up those boots.
Bad Yeva.

Umm...OH. Meet Fred
 In a second.
Here we go!
Bad pic....but that's  Fred Duskblood, a friend of mine In Real Life. So....drop him a line when you can, k?

Dang it, my mom is being annoying.
Don't forget to contact me on Skype! Amber RosePetal is the name.
Gotta go now.
Derkenshnaw----wait, that's hello in forineese.
Ah well.
Happy Saving!
Note: Yeva  Spiderkeeper's fire boots are better than having a bad day at school.....again.

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