Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Yayz! And Awwwz....

Okay, I didn't post last night. Yeah, I'll admit I did do Kengston park with Cody last night.

Anyway, YAYZ means:
TWELVE HOUR FIELD TRIP ON THURSDAY!! All the people in my gifted class are super hyper. :)

I HAVE OT SIT ON A BUS FOR LIKE THREE HOURS! I am going to go insane. Totally and conditionally insane. But i'll have the DSi, the camera, and the Mp3, and my best friend and my mom to keep me from going insane. :)

Well, It's off to the counterweights.
I guess I'll post my randomness sctech later.

Counterweights are better that sititng on a bus for three hours. :)

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