Sunday, March 21, 2010

Parties and Leveling Amy Up

Yes, we all did have a lot of fun at Silverheart's party. We all ended up at my house, though. And thats only because people invaded Alyssa's house. And she didnt want to curse them out in front of us all so..yeah. We had fashion contests, Snowman invades, and just plain fun.
I'm trying to get Amy GoldBlood up to level 45 right now, and It isn't going too well. I'm stuck on Obsidian's Tomb, so would someone please help me with that? I've been doing sevral side quests, triyng to finsh each world. I figured out I still haven't gotten to Grumish GreatAxe, so I'm working in the Vault Of Ice to get that soul dust right now. Two bars away....
Photo's below.

Happy Saving!

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  1. Yeah I saw what happened to Cody. Some noob reported him for 'stealing' an avatar in which someone made for him.


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