Saturday, March 13, 2010

Very bored

Well, you know how last night I got all those wands from the Jade Oni?
I'm going for it with Kevin Owlgem again this time.
I don't know how many times we have dont this! Oh well. I'm just going to tell you the loot I get I guess, because I do NOT know what else to post about. Oh yeah, and Alia's charger went nutzo's I think, look at her post here:

Jade Oni Round One:
Why did Kevin choose to go Away From Keyboard NOW? Wait, a bunch of Random people just came! Say Hi to Chris StormShade and Reed StormTail! Ok back to loot...
Oh, now Kevin chooses to come back! Go Helephant! Go Hydra!
~Tunic Of Anthems
~Reshuffle Treasure Card
~69 Gold.
Darn it!

Jade Oni Round Two:
Lets sing some Oni Carols!
Oh Jade Oni,
Oh Jade Oni,
Won't you please give me your sword?
Life Robe,
Or Leperchaun.
or a Wand.
Oh Jade Oni,
Oh Jade Oni,
Why won't you die?

Happy Saving.


  1. Err, it doesn't have THE at the beginning, it's just

    ~The LotusPetal


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