Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Say Happy Birthday

Today is my mom's birthday. Wish her a happy birthday and don't ask her age.

Anywho...I've been farming Nightshade for cool wands. Igot a Dark Spirite pet, 50 gold, and some shoes. I've been listening to a bunch of songs on Itunes including:
 Fireflies, by Owl City
White Horse, Love Story, Our Song, Teardrops on my Guitar, Picture to Burn, Should've said no, Fifteen, Fearless, Today was a Fairytale, and Mary's song (Oh my my my) By Taylor Swift
Full Moon, By The Black Ghosts
Need You Now,  By Lade Antebellum
Kissin  U By Miranda Cosgrove.
Yeah, I have a bit of an odd taste in some music. I may seem like a Taylor Swift Fanatic, but I am NOT.
I made these last night. I actually know Wolf Ironforge in real life. We have a relationship:)

A random person!

He's special :)

I've been feeling very happy today. My mum and I went to Sarasota where I saw amazing art there, witnessed my mum screw up and say "He almost gave me a truck attack!" when someone stopped short for no reason. Anyway, I played on the DSi and got a few pictures:

I drew the frame for no reason :)

Oh no....forget that last pic, ok?

I guess I gotta wrap this up. Grandma's coming over.
Cheez is better than having your DSi battery die when you're super bored. :-)
Happy Saving.


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