Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nothing but boredem

I am so bored, so I randomly typed this up.



Jade Palace

In a far-off land where all are happy, there lived a girl named Angela. She was known far and wide for her beauty and self-wit. Her mother, Amber, was a proud and agile swordswoman. Sarah, her loving sister, was always keeping to herself and drinking tea and being trained in the art of Princessary. Her father, Wolf, often spent his time in the village helping poor villagers and making sure the village was safe. People of Mooshu lived in peace, ignoring the fact of that their oldest princess was a storm, not life. Yes, they lived in harmony, until one day Sarah and Angela decided to go to the village school.

Part One

My eyebrows furrowed; he’d put me in a tough situation.
Oh, no! I forgot to tell you who I am! How rude of me.. I am Angela, the oldest princess in Jade Palace. I’m not your ordinary type of princess; I do like to go outside and hunt and do anything a normal villager would do. Most people would think I’m a stuck-up snob, but my parents and my sister always reassure me when I ask if I am mean. I have long, blond hair, always tied back in a ponytail because it’s hot if you leave your hair down. I am in the school of storm, the oddball in my family. They’re all life. Of course, that didn’t stop my mom from stitching my Storm status stuff onto Life robes so I looked like a life person. My parents fret ever so much…
Right now I am playing chess with a close friend, Nicholas Lionrider. He’s the best at chess next to me, of course. “Knight to A4.” I said, moving my chess piece. He cussed under his breath, and called the game to an end. I smiled at him. I swear, if he were allowed to be my brother, I’d gladly take him in. I rang the bell to my left, and a maid came and asked me what I wanted.
“I want to go riding. Bring up my outfit and prepare the horses, please.” I instructed in a kind tone. The maid curtsied, and I called after her, “You are dismissed for Fifteen Minutes.” She curtsied once again, and walked off.
So what do you think? Good? Bad? Horrible? IT"S BURNING MY EYES? Need to know! 
Prank calling is funner than lighting a trash can on fire. :-)
-Happy Saving.

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