Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I have a reason for the title. But that comes later.
I just guess I wanted to share some stuff with you. Oh, and something new. My friend made a girl, Amy GoldBlood. She was once the no-good-for-nothing-grumpy-moronic-noob kind of person. Just mousy and to myself, I very reculantly worked on her. Soon enough, I'd already gotten into Krokotopia in less that three days. I grew to like her, even though I prefer to attack than heal.* Now, I've soloed my way through Krokotopia, been guided through MarleyBone, bedazzled by Mooshu, and finally in the most terrible and hardest of all worlds: Dragonspyre. It was the same way with Amber. I saw the TV commercial, and I guess I was sort of embarressed to be playing this kind of game. As an eight year old, I was mousy and just kept to myself. When I started to play W101, I felt happier each day and life began to have a meaning.* Now, after playing through most of the worlds almost twice, I am finally ready to say that I give this game Five Stars. The music is outstanding, too. I've right now got W101 up right now just so I can listen to the music! The people who play are friendly and nice. I've never played any other MMO, so trust me, if I get hooked on another one, don't be surprised.*

Yep, that's the review. I guess I sorta wanted to give some history.
*Amy is life.
*That was around the time my aunt died. I went into a depression then I finally broke free of it to see what was happening in the real world, and BAM. Oh yeah, I said I wanted to share some stuff with you?


Our song, by Taylor Swift.
People are Crazy, by Billy Currington

Kryptonite. Must-Click for rock lovers!
It's not my time

Harry Potter, All Seven
Earagon, Eldest, Brisingr, and the rest.
The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel
The 39 Clues
Twilight, Breaking Dawn, New Moon, and Eclipse.
The Giver
StarGirl, and Love, StarGirl
101 Ways to Bug Your Teachers

Happy Saving! Finally.

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