Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Having trouble with your Dragonsypre Quests?

Are you?

The thing that stumps most people in this quest is how to create your robe. I have to do a grimblaze outfit, so naturally, I get the easiest to find regents first. After I get them, I find the hard part: Getting the black Pearls. You can either spend hours at the Bazaar, or spend hours farming Black lotus for Black Pearl. I recommend farming them. Black Lotus can be tramsulated by combining 10 Cattails and 10 Ore. You can find Cattails anywhere there is water. I prefer Jade Palace because you can also find Black Lotus there. For Ore, You must go to the Anthemum and go behind the housing shop. There are Stone blocks and Ore there. Ore can be found anywhere, really. You just have to keep a sharp eye out.
Keep looking for those Black Pearls.


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