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The Adventures Of Amber.

The Adventures of Amber
By: Amber RosePetal

Do you believe in magic?
I certainly do. Because it all started with a tiny mistake I made, one that should have been a simple hand gesture. It all started with a point of a finger….

“….And you better not go and fight with me now. Is that clear!?” Amber’s voice rang from the girls bathroom.
Lilla frowned. Amber shouldn’t be talking so loud; the whole school had to be hearing this! Lilla silently crept into the girls bathroom just in time to see Amber swivel around from the sink and point her finger at Lauren, our arch enemy.
From nowhere, a tiny doghouse had appeared between them. It grew larger and the little doggy inside swiveled it’s flaming eyes at me and grew until it broke the doghouse.
Suddenly, the bathroom wasn’t so cold.
The dog now put it’s head up and howled; it sounded like it didn’t like this job. It growled and howled again, then focused one red eye on Lauren. I sort of felt a tingly feeling as it’s eyes bored into mine. I didn’t know why, but I instinctively backed away. The dog barked once, then breathed fire onto Lauren. I watched in horror as flames burned her alive every three minutes. But that was nothing compared to what I felt next. Amber Had grabbed my arm, and was pulling to into a stall. Then she whipped out a short wand that had flames on it. I couldn’t speak or move, for my whole entire body was frozen like ice. She took out a little gold chain and tapped it, then threw it around our necks. I braced myself, but nothing happened. Instead, I was surrounded by trees and the air smelled sweet. I looked around and saw one of the many wonders of the world.

The Adventures of Amber.
Part Two in the series of Twelve
By Amber Rosepetal

I was being shoved and pushed frantically through thick bushes, tall grass, wondering for what felt like the hundredth time, ‘When will this stop?’ I did not ask the question though, because people said that you shouldn’t ask questions.
So I kept my mouth shut, and waited for Amber to stop pushing me through the grass and greenery around me.

I raced to the emperor, wanting nothing but to have the ability to see Merle. But, alas, he had told her he did not want to be disturbed. Typically, that was normal. He was usually working with the people in Wizard City or Gazing above himself in wonder at the spiraling figures in his tower. “Emperor of Mooshu, Amber Rosepetal…wishes…to…teleport…to…Merle!” I panted. He looked at me disapprovingly, and then caught sight of Lilla. “ Why is SHE here?!” He shouted at me.
“Lilla saw me shoot a bolt of pure fire energy and then cast a Heckhound in a girl’s bathroom. I think she needs to see Merle!” I said a little impatiently. Without another word of hesitation, the emperor teleported us to Merle.
“I did not expect to see you today, Young Wizard. What seems to be the problem?” a familiar voice welcomed me.
I tapped him with my wand, and he experienced the feelings I had just felt, and my memories all the way back to when I’d defeated Malistare. He gave me that same look of disapproval that the Emperor had, but smiled.
Weird, but he actually looked happy to see a non-magical person here.
“Who is your friend here? Lilla? Could you please go into the tower. Just through those doors for a minute?” He asked in a pleading voice Lilla nodded, and closed the door behind her.
“Amber,” Merle Ambrose whispered, leaning in. “You did no wrong. You, have found the twin of yourself.”
“Then how am I a wizard and she isn’t?” I demanded.

“Alas, Amber, there is something you should know.” he said, his voice dropping even lower.
“Lilla is a wizard.” He said, and with that, he swept around the room looking for registration forms, leaving me frozen in place with an knowledge overload.

The Adventures Of Amber
Part Three Of Twelve
By The author of The Adventures Of Amber, and The Adventures Of Amber, Part Two
Amber Rosepetal

Shock coursed through me. I hadn’t expected to have a twin; more or less a wizard twin. My parent’s had always mentioned stuff like don’t tell her, it’ll only frighten her and I’d no idea.
But now, I wished I had never brought Lilla into this world.

Amber so did not look well, but the guy named Merle kept tapping papers and muttering things under his breath. Then, he handed me a wand that looked like it was sprouting a gold-green flower, only to be held into place with strands of gold that were twined together and had tiny little citrines in it. I looked at it with fascination, while he handed me a spell deck that had one spell in it: Scarab.
Amber had always told me tales about wizards, but I’d never dreamed it would be real!
I looked over to Amber, who was having a lot of trouble smiling right now. I wondered why she was trying, because she was probably in a LOT of trouble right now. “Amber?” I asked in a tiny voice. I realized I was shaking; absolute tremors were rocking through me.
Still, Amber looked disgruntled and surprised.
“Could I take her home now?” demanded Amber. The same jet of fire was released from her wand. Puffs of smoke gathered around her head, like when she always got mad. But this was different, like she was in a hurry, or hiding something. Ambrose sighed.
“If you promise to come back later and talk.” He said it like he was binding her into something; I didn’t like it. Before I could object, Amber pressed her forefinger to her thumb. I suddenly felt the same sweeping motion as when we went to the Emperor and heard a distant whooshing and the floor slide out from beneath me. Seconds later, we hit solid ground. Then Amber spoke up into the darkness.
“Mom, Dad, there is no more hiding what I need to know from me now. I know that Lilla is my twin. Don’t deny it; Merle told me it himself.” She flicked her finger, glowing alight with flames, to a light switch.
And then, my parent’s finally revealed themselves.
The Adventures of Amber
Part Four of Twelve
Amber Rosepetal

As I lay on the soft bed, I thought about having a twin sister wizard. That would be nice…..
For the first time in a long time, Lilla wished that dreams did come true.

“Be nice. You could have told me!” Exploded Amber. She was speaking directly to two wizards. One, a young women who looked around 25, glared at her. She had long, red hair tied back into a ponytail, very pale skin, blood-red robes, boots and a hat. Her eyes were the strangest shade of purple, and her lips were the color of roses. The woman was beautiful in every way imaginable, and she moved with a grace that made her seem to float across the polished wood floor. The other, a man who looked the same age, was wearing blood red armor and looking slightly disheveled, like he’d just woke up. Dad and Mom are one of a kind, she thought as she pursed her lips.
“You would go looking for her.”
“I don’t care! How could you not tell me I have a twin sister who is a wizard living on earth! It’s not like I don’t care about you guys, it’s just you make me so mad sometimes!” I blurted out. My parents gave me that you’re-grounded look and pointed upstairs. I stomped upstairs, shot the oil lamp with a tiny jet of flames from my finger, and climbed into bed. I’d tell Lilla later. I wouldn’t even let my parents know that I was going to tell her.
That is was going to tell her.

Eight years later

It was a cool, summer evening, and Amber was sitting lonely at the windowsill. It had been a long time since she’d been to earth, but she didn’t miss it. Looking down at her right hand, she saw the tiny buttons printed onto her skin. There was four yellow arrows on her forefinger, a tiny house on her middle, a blue X on her pinker-mid, and a blue X with a yellow arrow on her pinky.
Her pinky was grey. It had not been blue for eight years.
“Thinking again? Or just missing Wizard City?” Said Kevin Owlgem, my husband.
“Hmm. I’m not sure. I guess I was remembering Lilla.” The words caught in my throat and I forced back tears.
“She’s happy where she is, honey.”
“I know. I just wish I could have helped. I still think it’s my fault. I was the one who fired the dang spell off.” I said, sighing. Nearly a year ago, Lilla and I had been doing a cross-fire of energy bolts when one, a stormy gray, hit Lilla square in the chest. Then it bounced up to her forehead. No one else had been in the house. So while Lilla died, struggling to stay conscious, I yelled to her, ”LILLA! STAY WITH ME! DON’T DO THIS SIS!” She looked at me, with a mixture of bewilderment and pain and whispered, “Sister? Amber? Amber! Amber!”
Lilla died then, her mouth still trying to form my name. I carefully closed it with streaming eyes. I’d killed my own sister.
Terror and Greif then overcame me, submerging me.
I did not resurface for six years.
Then Kevin came along.
I’d been sitting down on a poofy couch, and then he just appeared there, full clad in Dragonspyre Armor, with little Snowflakes and sparks surrounding him. I knew what he was immediately.
He, was a wizard.
Before, I would have just stood there, and begin to ask him a billion questions. Now, I only asked a few very important ones.
“Why have you come to earth in this fashion? Come on, I’ll get you some clothes. “ I said to him. He looked at me in my black dress, boots, hat, and my backpack, and nodded. I bring him to the elevator, and went up to the top floor.
He gasped when he saw my house.
My house was a fantasy. The whole entire front wall was of glass, so you could see the whole entire beach. The walls were a royal blue, and white leather couches surrounded a plasma TV. There were three halls leading from the room. He peeked into the first hall that led to the kitchen. Ornate marble counters formed the shape of a circle, and there were shiny pots and pans hanging from the roof. The floor was of black stone. I led him into y bedroom. Shiny Mahongy dressers were lined up against the wall. The bed was a bright crimson, and there were several bookshelves lined up. She opened the door on her far left to a large walk-in closet. There, he saw one half of the closet was “Earth” clothes, while another side was full of Dragonspyre robes of every school and type. “Here.” I said, pulling a red t-shirt that looked like it would fit me and a pair of blue jeans. I left him there to changes, while softly closing the door behind me.
Strange, but he looked familiar.

The adventures of Amber
Part Five of Twelve
Amber RosePetal

What is it like, to have a secret you can tell no one, and keep hidden from the people whom you trust the most?
Amber RosePetal knows.

“I don’t understand, Amber. Why did you come to Earth? Was it because of Lilla?” I asked Amber with a air of curiosity and confusion. She looked at the low setting sun on the horizon. She began to speak very slowly. It seemed as if she were forcing the words out, but they were strong, and regretful. She explained the cross-fire battle. She explained the stormy grey bolt of energy, then stopped. She looked at me with bright violet eyes, and said the words that seemed to change her.
“It wasn’t my fault.”
The words were only a whisper. If I hadn’t been listening to intently to her already, I would have missed it. She looked relived.
She’s been blaming herself, all these years, I thought as I sank into a poofy royal blue armchair.
“It wasn’t anyone I know except for-”
“The Dark Lord.” I finished her sentence. He was storm, and very, very powerful. The dark lord had even more health than Malistare, it was about 1,000 health. No one dared to confront him.
We exchanged a glance. I knew there was no turning back. Amber would do something. I already seemed to know that Amber was steaming with fury. I began to know her in a weird sort of way, not like friends.
It hit me like a cement wall; like you were running at top speed then at the last second you realize that the wall is there. You don’t even have time to stop, either. Mom and Dad had always said not to fall in love early, but here he was, a nineteen year old on Earth and breaking his promise.
With love, no Experience I have.

Part three

It wasn’t me.
It was the dark lord. He was Thunder-allied.
I, Amber RosePetal, am going to get revenge.

I stared at him. He stared back. I felt like my insides had turned into jelly.
Half a year later, we were married.
Then we began our quest of revenge. I packed up our armor, all seventy-two pieces of it, into a small leather backpack. He gathered the food, water, and wings. I took out my old dusty Horned Sweeper. In less than a week, we would be out on the quest of revenge.
The thought haunted me.
“It’ll be okay, Ambie. We’ll get through it.”
“I want to have her back more than I want revenge. I want justice. I know that if I defeat him, all those people will come back. But some things can’t be fixed.” I babbled on. Kevin put one finger to his mouth, silencing me.
Thud. Clunk. Thud. Clunk. Slam.
I looked at him, forgetting about the journey. We both silently drifted over to the closet, hiding. I took out my Dragonspyre armor I was to leave in. We dressed in out armor in silence. Holding my sword ready to strike, I kicked the door out just as out intruder kicked the front door in.
Four Draconian stepped in, all in full-clad armor and equipped with swords and shields.
“Masssster ssessnent ussssss to keel you.” One said. Wow. That was a stupid thing to say. Now I knew what to do, I took out my health and mana globes and threw them onto the floor. With a great deal of concentration, I managed to make them land upright and make the battle circle; It was much harder battling on earth. I set up my defenses and blades at the same time that Kevin did.
Finally, I had enough pips. I glanced at Kevin, who said, “Now!”.
I cast a Dragon that killed both Dragons in one hit. Kevin cast a Frost Giant (HEY SANTA!) that also killed them in one hit. I was hot and cold, a thing that was none too easy to manage for a fire person. Covered from head to toe in soot, ashes, and snow, I walked over to the two dead Draconians.
“He’s really after me.” I said, panting from the effort of battle.
“D’ya think anyone heard that?” Kevin asked. He’d been clawed a few times, by the looks of it. His left arm had a gash that was bleeding and he had several cuts on his legs. Neverless, I healed these.
“You don’t have to heal me.” Kevin said, looking up at me.

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