Thursday, June 9, 2011

Waterworks, Fatness, and Random

Ohkay. So I typed this all the way back in May. Enjoi. The blue text is actually edits...


Hi peoples~!

So.. I did the Waterworks yesterday.

We were probably the first ones to actually finish it. We started at around 3:00ish, and ended up done about 7:00ish--PM.

Its true. It does take a lot of time.

And a lotta granola bars. And coke.

*Stares into box and empty cans wondering how I'm not fat yet*

Okay, anyway, these are a few pictures lifted off Fin and Quinn's :

I went AFK for my dinner.. and got that...
Yes. This was on live.

And, I also have a Waterworks Warrior badge to show! More like tons of photos soon.


I wanna sleep.

Hoping school lets out soon, (It did today! How.. ironic??)

What did you feel you'd find here? Go comment!

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