Saturday, April 9, 2011


lol Well I don't know why I named the title of this post that but ANYWAYS! On to business! Well, as you already know, the Test Realm has come out in Wizard101 once again! Right now, for the Test Realm, they are testing out new amulets that will be sold for a bunch of crows but they give you a power pip and a lot more things that will help you out in battle and you can also get ones for schools that aren't even yours! A lot of people have wanted that. Also, they are lowering the price of the the crowns that you need to pay to get new Training Points. So they are adding in a lot of useful things into the game! Also, in the Live Realm, they have added new mounts! There are the Starlight ponies, Starshine pony, Starlight Pony, and the Moonlight Pony. Right now, they are, at full price, 10,000 crowns but since they have just been added so they are on sale by just lowering 500 crowns, SO YOU SAVE A DOLLAR! :D *hands one dollar to everyone :P*

Anyways, KingsIsle has told us that they are making a bunch of mounts go on sale or this week. THE MOUNT-A-PALOOZA!!!!! DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUUUUN! Oh wait, that's where the title of this post comes in :P Well anyways, KingsIsle is saying that they are taking away a bunch of gold/crowns away from the mounts for only a limited time. So if you really want to get a new mount soon, then I really should tell you to get it now while they are all on sale at the moment.Because I'm not even sure if they have even done that mount sale thing ever before or if they only do it once a year or a few times a year, I just don't know, so I really suggest for you to get a mount now. If you have the money for it, and you really want that mount, so yeah, I would really get it right now :P I am ready to go attack my dad with an avalanche of PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE BUY ME CROWNS SO I CAN GET THOSE SUPER AWESOME EPIC MOUNTS :P Seriously, I am ready to do that :P I'M NOT AFRAID, TO TAKE A STAAAAAAND! :P that song gets stuck in my mind easily......... Eminem can be awesome in some songs........

Well anyways, in the Blogosphere, Mount week has FINISHED! You can check out the blogs and see all of the winners for all of the contests at their blogs. I didn't win anything -.- But that's alright :D It's still super awesome!!! So you can go to your favorite blogs that have had a mount contest and check out if you have won one of the epic mounts that KingsIsle gave them codes for to give out :D A lot of people have won and I have seen very happy winners of their new mounts :D So anyways, congratulations to everyone who has won one of the most awesome contests and to have fun with their new mounts :D Congratz to all! *A BUNCH OF CONFETEE FALLS FROM THE SKY AND FALLS ALL OVER THE MAGNIFICENT MOUNTS THAT ARE SPINNING ON THESE STAGE THINGS LIKE THEY DO IN A BUNCH OF CAR COMMERCIALS AND SHOWS :P* I have always wanted to see that happen xD That would be so epic!!!!!

So earlier today, I was thinking of ideas to do something cool for the blog and I was thinking: "What if I dress up both of my dog's as creatures from Wizard101? :D That would be so cool and cute and funny :D" So I am asking you guys to comment or something on what you think of the idea :D It will be really fun to do if you guys like it :D I can imagine my big dog dressed up as a wraith or Stormzilla o::::::::::: That would be so epic xD And the little one will be all like, idk, an ice monster or something (Cause his fur is all white like snow) So yeah, just comment in the comment box under this post and tell me what you think of this idea :D

So that is all the things that I have to tell you all today so I will see you around the spiral!!!! Later!!!

-Shady :)

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