Wednesday, March 9, 2011

GAH and Celestian Houses lol

Stupid school work, making me not work on blogs Grr lol Well anyways, sorry for the not posting.

Okay, down to bussiness. I recently got my membership and was able to investigate the new big Celestia house. It consists of 2 small rooms and 4 big ones. When you first port to your house and go to the front of it, you will see a big PvP arena, a large castle-like house and 2 small rooms next to the arena, seperated probably 20 feet away if it were real life. In one of them, there is this pool shaped like a crecent moon and with a sun that follows you on the ceiling. In the other room, it just has a room slightly larger than the other with a sun in the middle of the floor and the ceiling. Then, you can enter the main house. Inside, there will be this large space infrint of you with a portal at the end. If you go through the portal, you will then be leftover the second floor, which is the same shape as the pool in the room outside the house, a crescent moon. There is a portal at the end of that room too. If you choose to follow it, you will then arrive at a room shaped as a star. It is held up by purple energy light things. There I's also a portal at the end of that too. When you go through it, you will be escorted to the fourth floor which is shaped as, you guessed it, a Sun! The sun room is, I think, the largest room out of all of the floating floors ( That means, not counting the main floor in which you enter through the front door of the "castle") There is also another portal at the end of that one! Now, where will that lead off to? Well my friends, it leaves to the observatory! That is where you can see all of the planets and the stars through a glass ceiling through the top! The top of the house is really amazing where you can see everything up there and really make it a fantastic house!

Well, that is all that I have to say for right now so Cya Around the Spiral!!!

-Shady :)

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  1. Pictures! Photos! Visual media! This is what I crave!
    Nicely done.


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