Sunday, December 26, 2010

We are Golden-Mica

 LOL, another draft. Also belated for The Duo Of Death.

Well, first of all, I feel like someone needs a nice congrats.
Even though this is slightly belated, you're getting this.

You should enlarge that.

So, I haven't been doing much in Wizards lately. Staying neautral. I have reasons, It's not any of you guys! It's just...

So yeah. Gaia online. Serious mood-swings [No, I'm not a teenager. I have a slight disorder that usually makes me in either a seriously hyper mood or a seriously wise mood or a seriously foul mood. You can guess.] Victoria is back. That's trouble. Cause she thinks she knows me. She only knows the mask I have on, the thing that almost everyone sees.
Well, since you guys probably wonder why I'm so bitter about my past. Some of you peeps aren't on Twitter. So here goes nothing.
When I first started this game, I came from something of a bit of depression.  I was bored. So bored I couldn't watch TV. So I powered up the computer, and listened to hear that Wizard101 commercial again. There. I double checked everything, because I was like, what, eight? So I go ahead and download it. I create a character, name it something. In the process, I ring up my friend Ashya. I get her on it too. We play for a bit until we're level 10, and call it a night.
Next day, I go to log in. I'm so used to Fate that I accidentally decided to push delete character. Back then there was no abracadabra, no crazy undelete. So I made another character named Amber Rosepetal. Tried to recreate the old character. I couldn't remember her name, or what she looked like, what school she was. I took the test and got fire.

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