Saturday, December 4, 2010

We Are Gold-Mika

Hehe, today's song! I know it has the D word in it, so please have caution when watching.  On the other hand, the reason I'm putting it up here is to cheer up those who are teased in school about things. Like playing W101 (I get it all the time>.<), your clothes, who you're friends with, and just plainly insane things. Anywho, that's that:

I'm sorta addicted to that song.. lol
And also, a very important note: If you see any suspicious activity on my account then tell me. Typos and no punctuation is a big thing.  Also just plain rudeness. Once long ago my friend and I used to trade accounts, and she's using it against me.. horrid right? So if you see yourself suddenly off my friends list or my characters being rude, then tell me. I have a bone to pick with this girl...
Well I haven't been up to much lately, been on Twitter in the wee hours of the morning but that's about it..
OH. Random Celestia pic xD
Stand Alone pic xD
Too many reciepts

GLITCH! Read the chat xD

Elegant randomness :P

Amy's new look!

Lolz, I was stuck in it

For my Twitter... see the DSi there? And my hair is like that now xD
So yesh, that's all for today!
P.S: Where is Shady!

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