Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Writing from school.
Well, does Serena have any words? I think so.

Hi I'm serena I have a wizard 101 account my person's name is Scarlet Death Haven,I'm in the school of death and I'm writing a story called (Dramatic music) Seeing...... Yeah so I will hope to finish it and I'm wondering about something.......I have crush on a boy named Isaac and he sits next to me in class but he already has a girlfriend who doesn't goto the school so I'm pretty much PISSED OFF and I'm also PISSED OFF because Alex is getting into Amber's buisness

It's very annoying...
Also sorry for language kidos, but honestly I am letting this slide.
Anyways, I'm making bookmarks at the moment.

Um, the crappin thing won't load.
Ugh, gifted is about over.
Got to go ;(

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