Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sad Day

Today, the death of a love one happened.
Serena's Nana died.
Rest in peace, lady.
I'm going to be pretty busy for awhile, Serena has the same issue as me; We both have some seriously strong feelings. I'm walking her through this, because of the same thing happened to me. Someone close died from a issue in their brain.
And I'm just sad for Serena; She is the one true friend, almost sister, I have that I can actually feel her pain, and vice versa. Though it is muted for me, I still feel it.
Like I said, Rest in Peace, Serena's Nana.
And It gets better, Serena.


  1. When I was three my mom got a brain tumor. It was increadibly hard for me, even though I barely understood what was going on. She's still alive, but she's deaf in her left ear. We've all been through something like this, and we all have our words of wisdome.

    Wishing you your best, Donna Spellthorn

  2. My grandmother recently passed away. Just two months ago actually and I still have dreams I wake up crying from. It's never easy losing a loved one, even harder when you were very close. Only advice I can assuredly give is take one day at a time, and live like it will be yours and or every ones around you's last. Meaning, live life to the fullest to the best of your ability.


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