Thursday, November 4, 2010

Holy crap!

I stood there, more let lay there. My dissapointment was wearing out with Ravenwoood Radio, I was freaking tired and nervous at the same time. "THEY'RE ANNOUNCING WIZARDS AFTER DITTO!" Came Thomas Deathgem's Tweet from Twitter. I was literally pounding my pillow... and about to scream in anticipation. Come on! I thought pounding my pillow again. I refreshed the DSi again five times before I saw another tweet.
Thomas Deathgem: FIRE: @AMBERTHESAVIOR!!
@Mistheart: Congats!!

God, I can't beliveve this. I won? I honestly thought David TitanRider would.. but me? Am I honestly awesome? Meh, I Just noticed I am on the badge! Holy crap!

Well, I am very honored to be the Fire student teacher. I am working on the guide; It shall be awesome! I am a toughie on mods, but don't worry.
Hope to see ya ingame! I am switching my realms from vampire to Sunbird. Why? Sunbird is the original relam. So, I will be around! Thank you for electing me and have fun!! :)

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  1. Because of bedtime ( and I don't have a DSi ) I missed Ravenwood Radio, a little curious to who would be a winner. I didn't enter the Teacher-thing, so you can imagine my surprise when I saw 'Arlen Dawneyes - Myth' when I came home, just because Mary nominated me once xD. Congrats to you too, on becoming the Fire teacher :)


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