Saturday, November 13, 2010

HAPPY HAPPY HOUSING! (To Paige Moonshade) (part one)

I'm such a scatterbrain lately.
But.. there's some things that just...
Look. This is to Cassandra. Lifecaster.
Lady, you can not quit.
On the other gear, I'm switching. Today's segment MUST be a happy one! So, HOUSING! Yay! We all love housing. I just recently got the MFP (Massive Fantasy Palace) and I admit, I have already finished decorating the inside.

So that's the inside. Yea I know I don't have much time for the secret passages. I'm such a scatterbrain.
That's just one of the ways to decorate a house. Remember, wallpaper and flooring is a lot! Take that one is warm, as I am usually liking. Let's use a example of light colors and dark colors clashing:

 So yes. Brighten it up with pets. Clash lavender with a forest floor. Light blue. Clapboard.  Remember, your house must speak YOU.
I'm currently remodeling my Myth House, since 95% of it is in the MFP. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to do with it! It is nighttime there, so I'm going to use the leafy floor again and maybe use the blue wallpaper. For that giant place I'm gonna do a campout, with minigame tents and a fountain and campfire. I'm thinking about crafting a lot of it. So far my list is...
Large Astral Tent, Large Starry Tent, Large Yellow Tent, Water Fountain, Stone Brazier, Jade Dragon Chair. That's about..

98  Stone Blocks
11 Ghost Fire
8 Crystal Vials
40 Blood Moss
40 Lava Lilly
30 Grendelweed
 148 Bronze Gear
20 Treant Treasure Cards
10 Meteor Strike Treasure Cards
92 Deep Mushroom
50 Fossils
42 Black Lotus
35 Aincent Scroll
78 Leather Straps
7 Sandstorm Treasure Cards
90 Cattails
46 Nightshade
40 Red Mandrake
62 Black Pearls
148 Bones
2 Searph Treasure Cards
3 Shadow Oil
2 Simple Vial
18 Ore
2 Kraken Treasure Cards
2 Jade
1 Glass Vial
60 Mist Wood

That's a lot.
I'm glad they made the "BUY MORE" thing in the Bazaar now. Seriously. Time to go hunting!
Happy Housing! (And Hunting!)

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