Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Something I've been waiting for for a long time..

Well. It's here. Celestia. The thing I've been debating on since Firecat Alley. What memories, we've had. [Full credit to the Awesome Sauce-erer. I can't find my newb pics ;(
Do you guys remember reading Wolf Darkhunter's prediction story on Celestia?
DarkHunter's Story
Do you guys remember those insane Skype chats on what Celestia will be like? Running around in Grizzleheim for clues?
Who else is going to remember those insane random debates?
I'm left with a lot of questions lately. But that's not important is it?
I'm sort of bittersweet on Celestia. I mean, it's uber awesome and all, but really... seeing this game evolve is quite a thing to deal with. There are quite a few things in-game that have changed. Like, remember when there was no bazaar? All there was a house?
Well go figure what's going through my head in this picture of the first day of bazzarristia:

Go figure. I was like, "HOLY CHEESE, THAT'S A LOT OF PEOPLE!"

And then, I remember the days before my blogger things. Like the parties in the fire tower:
Let's see... all the people in that picture exept for me had just basically gathered in there. And guess what? They're all gone. They were super awesome, loyal friends.
I used to take pictures with my digital camera. Now that thing is never used. In that update, I remember Grizzleheim. About two days after DS came out I came to this game. And I thought you got to Krokotopia by the arena. xD
Yeah. Those days. Where there was "MOUNTS FOR CARDS! CARDS FOR CODES!" . It was nonexistent, spam.
Remember those days. And besides, me being bittersweet isn't helping. Go defeat some crabs instead of taking your anger out on me.

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