Sunday, October 3, 2010

*Freaks out, screams, then grins happily*

First of all, this is one awesome post.
Know why?
300 posts baby!
First of all, let me tell you something.
I just listened to Ravenwood Radio on my...
iPOD NANO BABY! My parents are freakin' awesome! Seriously, best gift ever. Tehe, they felt bad cause my brother has has oooh 6 cellphones, a iTouch, and a iPod Shuffle.
Go figure.
Anywho, last night was the sleepover. AND IT WAS FREAKIN AWESOME!
No seriously. My father let us play Need For Speed Underground and Kingdom Hearts II on the PS2 all night. xD
And we went to a buffet! And we saw Legend Of The guardians at the movies. We made beautiful necklaces each, and I found my wire and Jewlrey Charm Making  kit and sacrificed some of my jewels for charms.
I have a awesome Sapphire necklace now.
On the other hand, I cannot describe my happieness from my birthday party. You guys are awesome, you know? I mean seriously, it wasn't crazy busy. Not cookoo either. And you guys all just were awesome.
I got 15 bucks worth of songs on iTunes too. xD
Hmm.. oh yea! I'm going to have to do something that I sorta didn't want to do. See, my aunt died from a brain tumor  a few years ago and it's still pretty hard. My uncle got another girlfriend named Margie, and I've known her for a year and a half now. I guess I'm going to have to accept that she loves him, and she wants to try to take my family in with welcoming arms.
And it won't matter, because I'll miss her if she goes. Weird thing, huh.
The weather here in Sunnyhumid Florida is getting cooler. There's barely any humidity. And heck, I've got to wear stockings under my skirts now. And that tells you I'm happy.
I'm very happy overall, because there's a lot that I can look forward to this year. I mean seriously, this is going to be a nice year I think.
I'm  really looking forward to the holidays. Halloween is coming up and life is nice. I'm going as a vampire witch this year, hehe. Still young enough---heck, my mom is forty-five almost and still rakes in candy.
I freaking can't wait till Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. Mostly Christmas. Love Christmas.
Wow, lengthy post huh.
I just spent about two hundred bucks on clothes. Go figure, I spend a lotta money when I DO go shopping.
RIGHT. I got crowns, I stitched! Yahooey!
I forget what else to say. xD
Song of the day: Back in Black--AC/DC
Thats it for now.

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  1. My math teacher (old lady) thinks we are too old for halloween. We boo-ed her.


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