Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Debate

No, not meaning to copyright iCarly.
Well, I found this hilarious thread on the website:

Under the latest post( 2 years of wizard101) in headmasters announcements, Prosp. Zeke says something about one of the "Hottest Teen Icons on the Planet." Are we going to have to go through a tower full of screaming justin bieber fangirls, and have to defeat Justin himself while he pelts you with attacks similar to the banshee? Or are we going to have to defeat lady gaga and her alien sisters? Will it have something to do with Selena Gomez and her show "witches/wizards of wavely place"? Will we be forced to watch reruns of "thats so raven"? What do you think?
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3:25 pm

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It will be a mini game.

In the game, you'll be Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, and the goal will be to get from the concert stage to your limousine. Interfering will be 12,000 screaming pre-teen girls. Score will be based on how little damage your clothing gets, with bonuses for how few bruises you have. If you lose your blonde wig on the way, you have to start over.
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6:20 pm

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I lol'd so hard at your comment of Justin Bieber's attacks being like that of a banshee. You have no idea how much I love you people with brains

On topic: Justin Bieber could possibly be the pop star Zeke is talking about but there are many pop stars beside him (That come to your mind after Justin Bieber). Well, there's this new pop star named Cody Simpson who's pretty good... And don't forget about Miley, Selena and Demi.

Personally I feel the idea of battling a pop star would be hilarious ^^
(especially Lady Gaga and her "little monsters".)
um if it is justin bieber then there will be girls like don't fight and kill justin bieber we love him! then there might be girls reporting for killing justin bieber so if it is then probably i won't come online except the teen icon is a girl

[7:05:54 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston):
[7:05:55 PM] Alia LotusPetal: That is so weird xD
[7:06:46 PM] Alia LotusPetal: lolz!
[7:06:50 PM] Alia LotusPetal: I just read all the responses... lol
[7:06:52 PM] Donna SpellThorn: i
[7:06:58 PM] Alia LotusPetal: Ooh hey donna
[7:07:02 PM] Donna SpellThorn: i'm in for killing justin beiber
[7:07:07 PM] Alia LotusPetal: me too xD
[7:07:18 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston): LOL
[7:07:22 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston): (rofl)
[7:07:26 PM] Alia LotusPetal: I wonder how Justin would look in wizard form..
[7:07:33 PM] Donna SpellThorn: stupid
[7:07:42 PM] Donna SpellThorn: as usual
[7:07:48 PM] Alia LotusPetal: yea
[7:07:50 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston): (rofl)
[7:07:57 PM] Alia LotusPetal: One of the stupidest looking NPC'S out there... lol
[7:08:05 PM] Alia LotusPetal: I would LOVE to battle him.
[7:08:25 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston): lol do you mind if i put this on the blog?
[7:08:32 PM] Alia LotusPetal: What if his little attack thing was him singing "Baby" and it deafening you xD
[7:08:35 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston): (rofl) hilarious
[7:08:36 PM] Alia LotusPetal: sure lol
[7:08:37 PM] Amber Rosepetal (Rose Johnston): LOL
[7:09:00 PM] Alia LotusPetal: What about Lady Gaga...
[7:09:35 PM] Alia LotusPetal: Ooh! Maybe her and her other not-very-fashionable-if-i-do-say-so-myself alien friend things could battle you
[7:09:46 PM] Alia LotusPetal: And the alien things could like, be her minions xD
[7:10:48 PM] Alia LotusPetal: OOH or, or or or, or or (lolz I do this all the time and say hahaha I'm a seal! xD) her attack thing could be, like, her singing bad romance. Like the, "RAH RAH aH AH AH" part lolz

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