Sunday, September 12, 2010

Kensington Park Run Live!

Hailo peoples of earth!
Well, since the boredem of last night got to Thomas Deathgem, Arlen Dawneyes, Chris  and I, we decided to do a live Kensington run.
We decided to give it another shot tonight for the stuff!
We will be recording live to livestream at...
The Saviors Of The Spiral Livestream Page
At.. (In PM)
12 England time
7 Eastern
6 Central
5 Mountain
4 Pacific

We will have commentary by whoever can get on Skype.
Be there.
AND YES, YOU'RE ALLOWED TO SPAM SMOCK! Because Miss Rosepetal has a clear chat thing. Thomas Deathgem, Piehead, and Poseygirlolive (Me) are mods.
Be. Good.
Or die to the ferociousness of my pink glowsticks and pink baseball bats!
Cya tonight!

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