Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Leaving Wizard101 When School Starts!!!

at Wednesday, August 18, 2010
Possibly But Most Likely Leaving Wizard101 When school starts up :(. I don't want to leave but it looks like I have no choice. I am in my last year of school and ever since I started playing wizard101 my grades has dropped. I have a bunch of exams that I need to pass in order to get into college. And I am in a private school (I got in through a scolarship) And the pressure is really on. And my dad isn't pleased with my grades at the momment. :( So its either get into college and get a job and be successful or sit around and play wizard101 all day. I love playing wizard101 but Its just too much of a distraction and I wish there was another way but there isn't. But when I get half term holidays I will be playing. As for the blog I am thinking of leaving it fully to Marissa as I won't be really posting. But hopefully she will still let me post when I have some free time.

-Cassandra Lifecaster
We have two hours to do this.
But we need your help.
This party is at 8:00 EST. I'm too much in a hurry to do time zones.
We need everyone to be there at 7:45.
Port bus is at Golem Court, vampire area one (or two).
The person is Amber Rosepeatal a noob.
Dont tell Cassandra!
Time is of the essence. Pass it on. Thanks!


  1. Probably a good idea. Wizard101 can be hard to resist and does tend to make us stay up later than we should and play when we should be doing other things. So go study, get good grades, get your degree, land a great job. Then you can buy a subscriptions and crowns gear, play all you want...until it starts making you stay up too late and you start missing early morning meetings. Not that I'd know anything about that. :-)

    Blaze...who was questing in Krokotopia this morning before going to work, a little late.


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