Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I knew it! WAIT WHADDA WHA WHAAA??!!?!

I knew this would happen :P

Sorry, fate fan.
Okay well...uh...why is this suddenly centered? oh well.
Fallon Shadowblade (Admin) Fallon Shadowblade (Admin) has invited you to the event '2nd Annual Haunted Back-to-School Bash' on Diary of a Wizard ConnectX!

Hope to see everyone this weekend! ~Fallon Shadowblade

Time: August 28, 2010 from 6pm to 8pm

Location: Nightside, Vampire Realm, Area 1

Organized By: Fallon Shadowblade

Event Description:

Greetings!!! This weekend we are presenting our 2nd Annual Haunted Back-to-School Bash! Last year we had lots of fun in Nightside. This will be an event for everyone to get together after a long summer as we all transition back-to-school. The Spiral changes as our children and friends become busier with academics of another sort and may not have time to be as social. This will give us a chance to reflect on the past few months of playtime and wish the best of luck to those going back to school!

Date: August 28, 2010

Time: 6PM Central/7PM Eastern
Where: Nightside, Vampire Realm, Area 1

We hope to see everyone from Ravenwood Radio, The Friendly Necromancer, The Petnome Project and the W101 Bloggers Club.
On the other hand, my fanfiction account is again active. I'm starting on my new story "Choice Yet Unexpected" as soon as i'm done with AVOA.
On my one foot, i've been playing a bit of FATE again. You're going to laugh at this:

Yup. That's off undiscovered realms. But it's funny!!!
School started for me. My teacher is nice, but she's YOUNG! It's hard to explain.
Anime/Manga drawing is coming along nicely now, all I need to learn is hair, which is my total weakness. Serena taught me eyes and lips. Thanks for that!
Mmmhmmm, anyone up for Ravens?
See ya!

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