Monday, August 30, 2010

Another whirlwind

Alright guys, first things first, sorry for not posting. Schools been a real, uhh, I'm not going to finish that.
Bullets, no? Take out the shotgun.
  • Like I said, school is horrid to me.
  • Mary Dreamshade and Cassandra Lifecaster leaving! GAH!
  • I removed Victoria Frostbreeze yesterday. There's more of that in a tab i'm gonna be making up there.↑↑↑
  • My daddy has kidney stones. It's having a major affect on my family, since, well, half the time i'm the one who has to cook and who has to clean and has to do all the work. It's annoying. My brother won't do it, HE'S TOO GOOD FOR IT. -,- Mommy is like, cramming for school along with me. So yea. Snappy here.
  • I've been on/off wizzy very choppily. It's not my fault. Just don't ask.
  • Oh, did I tell you? I'M MASTER ARTISAN BABY! I wanna carousal so bad.
  • I forget what this bullet was going to say.
  • Oh! I have more of my other fiction story write. Soon as that tab is up your alllowed to read. ↑
Enough, Amber. Enough. Let us kids *Cough* explain out stuffs *Cough*.
Alright. Go cook Amber. Just don't burn the stuff.
You know, Sometimes I think you're maturer than Amber, Amy. But I guess that comes in time. Anywho, I got to level forty-two! I look awesome! I got Youkai's balance hat! I'm UBER AWESOME!
Uh, hi. This is my first time posting here. You don't know me do you. Well, I'm Sierra Winter. Not Sierra Winterbreeze, just winter. Amber hit the randomize button. I'm ice. Almost a level fifteen, but still in Wizard City. Weird, huh.
Alright, you haven't heard from old Angela lately have you? Well, i've leveled up to fifteen. I'm in Krokotopia still, but can't wait for Marleybone! Esmee says that it's hard. I doubt it. Oh well. Anyway, I'm nearly sixteen! Yes! Sixteen! Then I'll get my storm trap and the Vampire spell. It's going to be a lot of fun!
Hiya. Amber junior here. Last time you heard from me, I was level fifteen in Krokotopia. But guess what? I'm now thirty-five! And almost in Dragonspyre! I'm going to level up some before I do Dragonspyre, though. Maybe fourty-two. And, um, where'd Angela go?
She better come soon! There's macaroni-and-hamsteak for dinner with fettecheni!
Oh dear. Why don't we just eat now? Yeah. ANGELA GET YOUR STORMY BOLTING SELF IN HERE!
Sorry. :P
Say bye everyone. Seriously.

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