Thursday, June 17, 2010

/Sighs and wipes tears away/

I'm an idoit to myself.
Scratch the whole "Taking a break" scheme.
Because there's no one for me. I come to W101 to escape my house. And by taking a break or quitting...
i'm plunging myself into my own personal ****.
I'm going to go onto the game. And write a continued post with more details on the other blog.
The Depressed,


  1. Sry for not posting a comment lately but I'm so nerves practicing my trumpet for school I have to play I got you in front of whole school. X.X I will die. but anyway You are right about wizard101 being like a little environment of where you can get away from anything. I just don't see why my parents can't see that. The reason I started cause I saw the commercial with the Minotaur on it and I was obsessed with Greek mythology and that pulled me on. But I now realized that I play to get away from my family who is constantly urging me to do certain things and yelling. I also just realized this is my first serious comment and longest.

  2. I realized something else to that I do to get away from things. I now planted a little tree called a japenese maple. I love to watch it grow. I will stare at it watching it grow. Sometimes I will just look at it for minutes sometimes hours

  3. Well today was my last day and it was only day not made fun of me. I do 12 different fighting styles and 3 mediations and I am not respected at all and my concert went pretty well all the teachers danced to I gotta feeling in front of school it was so funny. We also have houses like in Harry potter and mine, kestrel, WON YAY. It was first time I am happy in five years almost. Like really happy not just excited happy.

  4. o so I'm guess the saying Blood is thiker then water you feel is not true?


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