Monday, June 21, 2010

Really Big Shrimp No, cross that out. REALLY BIG SATYR

 Thanks to Mary Dreamshade's awesome camera angle picture taking, she made it look like it was putting it's hands on our backs as if to say, Great Job because we'd just finished a battle.

On the other hand, congrats are in order to:
Donna Spellthorn, for leveling up finally and earning her Rebirth, Defeating Malistare, Getting a Skype, and just purelly hanging in there.
Samantha Drake, for leveling up and finally becoming Grandmaster.
My brother, who finally learned to keep a cell phone in it's holder and to jump into a pool from a tree.
And mostly, to all of the people who've kept with me <-)

Well, i'll post when Amy reaches 50.

1 comment:

  1. First off awesome picture I will take one for my desktop and lol awesome satyr great way of angle mary. And also is that like a cyclops with a birthday hat or something lol and cool that your bro can jump from a tree into a pool. Now he needs learn how to swing from tree to tree and from vine to vine like mah cousin and me can do. (We took par core or however it spelled) Also WHY CANT I BEAT MARLEYBONE. Yes I a magus life almost master and I haven't beat marleybone lol. I one counterweight east. It sad I no. Nathaniel is no longer using URL cause he prefers being anonymous


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