Friday, June 4, 2010


I've been lazy about posting, I know.

Um, who isn't freaking out!?
(From Friendly's line, may I add!)

What's that supposed to mean?
Okay, long post alert. And to let you know one thing that I might have (Doubtfully, lol) OCD. I'm not talking about the Cullen one either. I wrote this post seven times already. Seven.

Esmee is at level 31 or 32? Not sure. Not in game right now, because everytime I try to post this during the game the OCD kicks in. Now i'm trying to connect. COME ON. I HAVE A ROUTER RIGHT BESIDE ME.

I recreated my long lost first character, Roslyn Roseblossom. I know finally why I thought of rose was in my name when I made Amber. Unfourtunately, it's a myth person.

Amber's noob outfit has been recreated, with a KT backround to boot! Fitting, I might say. :-)

 Yep. I'm in the room in the life tower. BUG ALERT IN THERE! Not telling how to get in the roof or in the secret room behind the door :-)

Playing game now, and the OCD is kicking in. Btw, thanks Gorman Ravenhunter for giving me something to do. Sylvia Drake's tomb is cool. And fun.

Y'all, i'm not posting new chapters of the story on here anymore. (Awww!!!! says the crowd. nah, they just cheer because I annoy them.) Instead, i'm in a full-out Fanfiction craze. It's a place to write down the most RANDOMEST stories you get, good or bad. Guys after you read all the chapters, like, review! So, uh, here's the link:
I encourage you to join. :-)

On my computer being reformatted, my mom has NO idea when to do it. She busy going back to USF (Aww, we just got her back!) to get her masters degree because, well, no jobs. She feels horrible....

My Amber Rosepetals Writers Notebook is no longer a wizard101 blog. It's now a blog about my irl stuff and just various stuff I jot.

Until next time,

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