Monday, June 7, 2010

My Immortal

Listen to that song. It is my feelings right now.
Beautiful song, sad meaning.
Lots of labels are down there.
School is ending for me. That means a whole entire summer of boredem (I live in a retirement neighborhood. Hmph.) and not seeing the friends that I look forward to seeing every single day. Thats the only reason I like school. One  and a half days.
Also, a very loved blogger has recently left our comminuity. Not the game, just not blogging.
Your spirit in blogging Amber Stargem will still be with us forever. :-). Please don't delete the blog, though. I've seen people delete their blogs and then regret it when they want to come back.
I don't think that this belongs here. The post, I mean. It belongs on the other blog.
I had a hard time picking the song of the day. I was stuck between Simple and Clean and My Immortal. You see which one fits better.
Ahem, my mother is bugging me because it's late out.
Well, till next time readers, where I hope that the next post isn't as sorrowful as this one,

-Amber Rosiepetal :-S


  1. You have a boring life to I see.

  2. I like school cause I give me something to do
    I just hate homework XD

  3. I'm immortal is a good song to

  4. My immortal sounds like it from twilight


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