Saturday, June 19, 2010


Well, here we go:
Me got...
One: This handy ol' pet and also...
Two: A Mustard Troll

Amy has reached level 49 and is advancing her way through side quests, enjoying the fact that she is almost ready for her grandmaster stuff. :-)
My playlist needs help! Seriously. I'm a classic rock/country/piano music girl. I like aucustics and piano and the storytelling music :-) Or send me something like Tick Tok. Yea get what I mean... So comment saying what music to reccomend or just send me it via for me for free :-).
(Wow this is gonna be a long post) Sorry about threatning to quit guys. I learned the hard way about it. (
Obvious enough?
Fifthly: (Is that even a word?)
Two partys are...
I will be trying to attend both parties.
I'm planning a super secret party right now. Well, three of them. OKAY ILL SHUT UP NOW. NAH I WONT. Here's the deat's:
Halloween Party (I know these are all early, but usually when I try to make a party it epically fails when I post it a few weeks before *Shrugs*):
When:  Friday, October 28
Time: 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00 Central, 4:00 Mountain Time, 3:00 Pacific, and 11:00 UK time (Cassandra Lifecaster)
Where: My Wooded Cottage, of course. Why a small cottage? Idk. It seems like a party house and I don't wanna take apart my myth house or dorm.
Dress Code: Are you dumb? COSTUMES, OF COURSE!! (You can be whatever you want, lol. Even stuff made up from your own imiginaton. Like Alia's cheese girl, lol.)
When: Wedensday, November 24. (I'm trying to do two days away here)
Time: 6:00PM Eastern, 5:00 Central, 4:00 Mountain Time, 3:00 Pacific, and 11:00 UK time (Cassandra Lifecaster)

Dress Code: Anything but your DS style full armor. It's Thanksgiving, you know what to wear.
Where: Same place as all of them lol
Time: Same as usual
Dress Code: Christmas Style

Well, don't ask me how I'm gonna pull this off.
The Rosepetal will. I will.
I need you guys help.
See the farming post down there? If ANYONE is farming one of those guys,  invite me. Why? I want the pets, I need the loot to sell to make this happen, and I need gold. By the way, if i'm in a house and I have ports off, it means i'm in the Wooded cottage. That's off limits to only but Cassandra Waterdust and Donna Spellthorn.
Well, the lengthieness of this post is overwhelming, so...
Happy Saving! (Yay! It's back)

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  1. First I just want to say dang it girl you making me write to much in my calalander and second anything I can give you ( just treasure cards probally ) I will. And also harsh life. I read on other blog. At least in mine I can hide in secert places imade hehe lose planks holes and under stairs. I just kicked the wall hehehe also recamend iron man by black sabbeth and hey soul sister by train. And I just haven't meet you yet by micheal bubla or something. The Nathaniel of weirdness says peace


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